What is Crowdrealestate?

Crowdrealestate is an online investment and financing platform for real estate projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The platform has been securely connecting project owners with investors for years, for alternative financing. This through crowdfunding, private placements or 1-to-1 financing.

Is Crowdrealestate licensed?

Crowdrealestate is currently awaiting the European crowdfunding licence and will publish new crowdfunding projects again after the licence is granted. The already funded projects will continue in the usual way up to and including the intended repayment date.

Who can invest through Crowdrealestate?

It is not possible for everyone to invest through Crowdrealestate. You must be at least 18 years old, have legal capacity and be resident in the EU. If the investment is made from a company, it must have its registered office in an EU member state. The name of the account holder of Crowdrealestate must correspond to the name of the account holder with whom the investment is made.

How much can I invest (at most)?

As a private investor, you can currently have a maximum of €80,000 of investments, through this platform, outstanding. When investing by a legal entity, the investment limit does not apply.

Is it possible to invest larger amounts?

In addition to regular propositions via crowdfunding, Crowdrealestate regularly offers private-placement investments. These propositions can only be invested in from €100,000 onwards. If interested, you can apply for these at the communication institutions.

When will interest be paid?

Depending on the project, interest is paid monthly or quarterly. Interest payments are made in the second (full) week of the month in arrears.

What does Crowdrealestate Valuation mean?

Crowdrealestate aims to provide insight into the risks of a project in the simplest and clearest way possible. Also, the minimum interest rate is determined on the basis of this risk valuation. This valuation does not serve as Crowdrealestate's internal screening model. Prior to placement, projects are screened extensively by Crowdrealestate.

Where can I view my investments?

Your investments and preregistrations can be found in your personal portfolio. You can view them by logging into your Crowdrealestate account. This way you have easy access to your investments, interest and redemptions. You will also receive notifications and project updates via your account.

What securities do I have as an investor?

Your investment always has an underlying value namely the property. A mortgage right is established on this. The mortgage right is the most important security right you can have as an investor. Additional securities may also be required, such as a pledge of rental income and joint and several liability.

Who guarantees securities?

The independent Foundation Collateral Agent Crowdrealestate guarantees the collateral for each project on behalf of the investors.

What if the borrower fails to meet his/her obligations?

In this case, Crowdrealestate enters into discussions with the project owner to understand the situation and see whether payment obligations can still be met. In extreme cases, this may lead to the enforcement of the collateral. Including in any case the mortgage right. The property on which the mortgage right is established is then sold by means of a foreclosure auction. The funds that become available from this are then distributed to the investors.