What does Crowdrealestate do?

Crowdrealestate is a real estate investment and financing platform. Real estate entrepreneurs can finance real estate projects through the online platform. It is possible for anyone to invest in these real estate projects. Beforehand, projects are carefully screened for quality and feasibility.

Is Crowdrealestate supervised by the AFM?

In the Netherlands, a crowdfunding platform must comply with the requirements, drawn up from the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). A platform that mediates in loans to corporate parties must have an exemption from mediating in demandable funds as referred to in art 4:3 of the Wft. Crowdrealestate has an exemption and is included in the AFM register. Crowdrealestate is supervised by the AFM.

What does a pre-registration period mean?

Crowdrealestate gives you the opportunity to reserve your investment in advance. As soon as the project is opened for funding, you will be notified by us. If you have reserved within the target amount, you will be given a certain period of time to complete your payment and participation. After this period, all investors who have reserved a participation amount will be given the opportunity to finalise their participation. The principle of 'first come, first served' then applies.

Can everyone invest through Crowdrealestate?

It is not possible for everyone to invest through Crowdrealestate. You must be at least 18 years old, have legal capacity and be resident in the EU. If the investment is made from a company, it must have its registered office in an EU member state. The name of the account holder of Crowdrealestate must correspond to the name of the account holder with whom the investment is made.

What is the maximum amount I can invest?

As a private investor, you may have a maximum investment amount of €80,000 outstanding through this platform at any time. If the investment is made from a legal entity, there is no maximum investment amount.

Is it also possible to pay by bank transfer?

In addition to the usual payment methods, it is possible to pay by direct bank transfer. Please contact Crowdrealestate for this. You will then receive a deposit request with the payment characteristics.

Is my investment tradable in the interim?

Due to applicable regulations, it is not possible to transfer your investment in the interim. You should therefore be aware of the risks of the non-marketability of the loan.

When will my investment be repaid?

The invested amount can be redeemed and repaid mid-term or at the end of the term. The timing of repayment varies from project to project and is clearly communicated in advance. The borrower has the authority to repay you earlier (early) than initially intended.

When will interest be paid?

Depending on the project, interest is paid monthly or quarterly. Interest payments are made in the second (full) week of the month in arrears. The first interest payment or accrued interest may differ from the regular interest payments in this regard.

What costs are charged for an investment?

Each investment is subject to a one-off 0.9% brokerage fee charged by Crowdrealestate. No other fees are charged.

What happens if the required amount is not achieved?

Should the required amount not be obtained within the desired period, your investment including the intermediation costs will be repaid. If necessary, the financing period can be extended in consultation with the promoter.

What does the Crowdrealestate Rating mean?

Crowdrealestate aims to provide insight into the risks of a project in the simplest and clearest way possible. The minimum interest rate is also determined on the basis of this risk valuation. This valuation does not serve as Crowdrealestate's internal screening model. Prior to placement, projects are screened extensively by Crowdrealestate.

Where can I view my investments?

By logging into your account, you can view your portfolio. This will give you easy access to your investments and interest receivable.

Can I change or cancel my investment?

After your investment has been completed, there is an option to change or cancel your investment. This can be done within 24 hours of your payment being confirmed.

Do I have to report my investment(s) to the tax authorities?

You must declare your investments to the tax authorities. This can be done via your income tax return. After logging in, you can download the relevant annual statement via your portfolio.

What securities do I have as an investor?

Your investment always has an underlying value namely the property. A mortgage right is created on this. The mortgage right is the most important security right you can have as an investor. Additional collateral may also be required, such as a pledge of rental income and a surety bond.

Who guarantees the securities?

The independent Foundation Collateral Agent Crowdrealestate guarantees the collateral for each project on behalf of the investors.

What if the borrower fails to meet his/her obligations?

In this case, Crowdrealestate will enter into discussions with the entrepreneur to understand the situation and see whether payment obligations can still be met. In extreme cases, this may lead to the enforcement of the securities. Including at least the mortgage right. The property on which the mortgage right is established is then sold by means of a foreclosure auction. The funds that become available from this are then distributed to the investors.

Why do I need to complete my payment via Mollie (iDeal & Bancontant) to Sauer & Oonk Advisors and Notaries LLP?

Payments are handled at Crowdrealestate via payment provider Mollie. Mollie offers a wide range of payment options to complete your participation. After payment, Mollie transfers the amount to the third-party account of notary Sauer & Oonk Adviseurs en Notarissen LLP in Vlissingen.

How do I delete a preregistration listed in my portfolio after unsuccessfully completing a payment?

During the investment process, a pre-registration (reservation) is automatically created for the respective participation. However, this amount is automatically removed from your portfolio around midnight if the participation is not completed.

When am I eligible for a discount code?

A discount code is occasionally sent to investors. For example, when there is the last participation amount in a project or early redemption as a concession for an appropriate reinvestment.

Why is there talk of an intended term?

The exit in real estate depends on many factors. It is therefore difficult to plan when exactly the loan will be repaid. Some flexibility in the term is therefore desirable, as otherwise we would contractually have to proceed to the immediate enforcement of the collateral, while this could have adverse financial consequences for the investors. Only in exceptional cases will Crowdrealestate agree to an extension.

How can I register my project?

You can use the application form on this website to register your project without any obligation.

When is my project suitable for the platform?

Through Crowdrealestate, only business parties can take out a loan. As a precondition, a mortgage right must always be established on a real estate property. Crowdrealestate is open to all kinds of real estate projects. Preference is given to projects with a low risk profile.

Is Crowdrealestate a banking institution?

Crowdrealestate is not a banking institution. Crowdrealestate is a platform for public funding and hereby acts as an intermediary for the public raising or obtaining of demandable funds. Crowdrealestate is supervised by the AFM and has an exemption from acting as an intermediary in demand deposits as referred to in art 4:3 of the Wft.

Why is my project being screened?

To ensure quality, only the most solid projects are posted on the platform.

To ensure quality, only the most solid projects are posted on the platform.

After applying, you will be told within 48 hours whether the project fits within Crowdrealestate's profile. If the project qualifies for the extensive screening, we will ask for more information. After the funding proposal has been approved, you will hear within a few weeks whether the project can be placed on the platform.

Are application fees at your own risk?

The application fee charged once by Crowdrealestate to process the borrower's application is at its own risk. For clarification, we note that in case of any funding rejection, this application fee will not be returned. The application fee should be paid prior to screening.

The above also applies to any additional preparation costs incurred in the preliminary stage of the financing application.

What interest rate do I pay to investors?

The minimum interest to be paid to investors is included in the Crowdrealestate Valuation. On this basis, you can get an indication of your interest costs in advance.

How should I pay interest to investors?

You can easily transfer the interest to Sauer & Oonk Advisors & Notaries' third-party account. From this trust account, payouts are then transferred to all investors.

What is the minimum and maximum duration?

A project should have a minimum duration of 3 months to a maximum duration of 120 months.

What is the minimum and maximum loan size?

For each spending purpose, Crowdrealestate may fund a maximum of €2.5m.