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Your partner for commercial property finance

Crowdrealestate is your funding partner for corporate real estate financing. We offer professional real estate parties the opportunity to finance various projects through our crowdfunding platform. For example, to finance an existing or new real estate property, project development financing or bridge financing.

Crowdrealestate has been active since 2016 and has since successfully placed real estate project of all types, sizes and stages. The projects financed range from existing care complexes to new housing developments in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

How does it work?

1   Applying for funding

Through the website, you can submit a financing application with no obligation. This will take a few minutes. Within 24 hours you will hear from us whether the project fits within Crowdrealestate's profile and a term sheet will be submitted to you.

2   Financing period

Once your project is approved and everything is satisfactory, the project is published online. During this period, everything is put in place to successfully fund your project (100% success rate). Projects are regularly fully subscribed within a few hours.

3   Loan release

After all formalities are fulfilled, the financed amount is released to you. Until the end of the term, you pay the fixed interest rate monthly or quarterly. Penalty-free early repayment is possible in the interim.

What are the options?

Take a look at the projects already posted and see what the possibilities are.