About us

Crowdrealestate is an online investment and financing platform for real estate projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The platform has been securely connecting real estate entrepreneurs with investors for years, for alternative financing. This through crowdfunding, private placements or 1-to-1 financing.

Meanwhile, Crowdrealestate has more than 5,000 active investors, a total project volume of approximately €250 million in funding and, to date, no defaults or payment delays within the portfolio.

Exemption for mediating repayable funds (AFM)

Crowdrealestate received approval from the Financial Markets Authority on 14 January 2016 to mediate in demand deposits as referred to in Art. 4:3 of the Wft. Crowdrealestate is supervised by the AFM and takes as many measures as possible to protect consumers but also entrepreneurs. Crowdrealestate is included in the AFM register.

Foundation Collateral Agent Crowdrealestate

To safeguard the interests of the investors, Foundation Collateral Agent Crowdrealestate has been established. This independent foundation aims to guarantee securities on behalf of investors. As security, a mortgage right is established for each project in the name of the foundation. Additional collateral may be required depending on the nature of the project. A cooperation covenant has been concluded between the foundation and the platform to effect these activities.