Spread investment through Crowdrealestate

Posted on 28-07-2018 by D. Voesenek

The characteristics of the propositions highlighted at Crowdrealestate are very diverse. As an investor, you benefit from this because there is diversification within your investment portfolio. For example, there is geographical spread, spread across different borrowers, property sectors and tenants. Diversification significantly reduces the risk of defaults and defaults.

The five factors below will give you a helping hand to spread your Crowdrealestate investments optimally.

1. Borrower
Spread across different promoters.

2. Geographic
Spread across regions, cities and countries.

3. Real estate sector
Spread across residential, commercial, care property, etc.

4. End-user
Spread across multiple tenants/end users.

5. Risk rating
Spread across risk classifications A to E.