NAC Breda and Crowdrealestate gauge interest crowdfunding stadium

Posted on 21-12-2018 by D. Voesenek

NAC Breda has the exclusive right to buy the Rat Verlegh Stadium until 31 May 2019. The Breda football club and Crowdrealestate have joined forces to finance part of the purchase through crowdfunding. To this end, the parties have launched an interest poll for crowdfunding the stadium. Based on the poll, the exact funding size for crowdfunding will be determined.

Booking now possible

The Rat Verlegh Stadium project page is now online on the Crowdrealestate website ( All interested parties can currently reserve a participation amount from €500 without any obligation. In early 2019, the final principles will be published and it will be possible to finalise participation. Investors will receive a fixed payout of 15% per year (5% interest and 10% repayment) in addition to a mortgage right. In addition, as an investor, you contribute structurally to the reduction of accommodation costs, which have a positive impact on the continuity and (sporting) development of NAC.

"Testing as many options as possible for financing"

A special matter for us to lend a helping hand to the club in this process. Managing director Justin Goetzee explains the interest survey: "To arrive at a solid financing model for the purchase of the stadium, we are testing as many options as possible. A crowdfunding campaign is one of the possibilities. In our opinion, the phenomenon of crowdfunding fits perfectly into the NAC culture. Besides, it would of course be great if we could realise this action with one of our sponsors, because that is Crowdrealestate. For now, we are especially curious about the results of the interest survey, based on which we will look further."