Most promising areas for property investment

Posted on 12-06-2019 by D. Voesenek

When it comes to finding attractive locations for real estate investments, the major cities in the Netherlands are predominantly considered. However, a recent study by ABN AMRO, among others, shows that it is precisely in the municipalities around major cities that the highest direct and indirect returns are achievable in the long term.

They may not be the most obvious municipalities to invest in real estate, yet the municipalities of Midden-Delfland, Ouder-Amstel, Lansingerland and Pijnacker-Nootdorp carry the most potential for high long-term returns. This applies in particular to the municipalities between Rotterdam and The Hague, the municipalities between the triangle of Utrecht, Leiden and Amsterdam and the area around Den Bosch. The region of Barneveld, Ermelo, Putten (Northwestern Gelderland) also scores high, as does the area around Buren and Wijk bij Duurstede (Southeastern Utrecht). More generally, the 'Randstad-plus' region appears to be the most attractive for real estate investment.

ABN AMRO's analysis is based on figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), among others. It combines seven macroeconomic indicators that say something about both shops, offices and housing. In fact, many of these indicators are relevant to multiple property types. In ABN AMRO's study, each municipality was given a score for each indicator. The best scoring municipality is given the score 361 (the total number of Dutch municipalities), the worst scoring municipality the score 1. The scores of the seven indicators are added together and ultimately range from 163 for the worst municipality (Kerkrade) to 2,249 for the best municipality (Midden-Delfland). The higher the score, the better. The results are shown in the map below.

Interactive map: 

In addition to ABN AMRO's analysis, the average gross initial yield can also be considered. The gross initial yield is a commonly used tool to express the market value (n.a.) of a property. The gross initial yield is calculated based on the market value (n.a.) and the forecast rental income for the first year. According to, the ten towns below have the highest average gross initial yield. Remarkably, cities such as Vlaardingen and Schiedam rank first and second. After all, these cities are right next to one of the most promising areas in the Netherlands, namely the municipality of Midden-Delfland.


Many property investors focus on the big and well-known cities in the Netherlands. This is not entirely justified as other areas in the Netherlands can be much more interesting for real estate investment in the long run. Therefore, those who wish to achieve high direct and indirect returns would do well to look at the above-mentioned regions and places.