Increase in number of housing transformations

Posted on 17-11-2019 by D. Voesenek

Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that thirteen thousand houses were added to the housing stock last year through transformation projects. Over a five-year period, a large increase in the number of transformation homes is therefore visible. Most homes in 2018 were realised from transformation in former office buildings and social property, such as former hospitals or schools.

Completed transformation homes accounted for almost 14 per cent of all homes added to the housing stock in 2018. In particular, smaller homes with an area of up to 50 square metres were realised from these transformation projects. These were mainly homes for single-person households (61 per cent) and couples without children living at home (27 per cent).

The vast majority of these transformation homes are for the rental market. Based on the ownership situation known in 2017, about 10 per cent were owned by housing associations and as much as 78 per cent by parties other than associations. Only 12 per cent involved owner-occupied houses. With almost 67 thousand houses, the new-build sector still has the vast majority of houses added to the housing stock in 2018.