Crowdrealestate is an FD Gazelle

Posted on 30-10-2023 by F. Geurtsen

We have been named an FD Gazelle again! The FD Gazellen Awards are prizes awarded by Het Financieele Dagblad (part of FD Mediagroep) to the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands, this year for the 20th time. Criteria include growth in turnover, profit and employment.

Criteria include sales growth in the previous three years of at least 20%, with a profitably closed last year. At the festive ceremony on Thursday 23 November 2023, the very fastest growers per region will be announced. Gold, silver and bronze FD Gazellen Awards will be presented to them, in the revenue categories small (up to €2 mln in base year 2019), medium (€2 mln to €10 mln) and large (€10 mln and more)