Annual report 2022

Posted on 06-01-2023 by F. Geurtsen

The 2022 annual statement is already available for download via your personal portfolio. This statement includes your investments, the outstanding amount as of 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022 and the interest paid. This article explains how the Inland Revenue handles your crowdfunding income.

When you invest through Crowdrealestate, you participate in a loan provided to a company and receive interest periodically in return. The interest you receive is equal to the interest paid by the company. No tax is withheld and no other costs are charged at Crowdrealestate during the term or at repayment.

As a private investor, you do not have to pay tax in the Netherlands on your actual crowdfunding income. However, your investments are considered part of your assets and fall under the 'savings and investment basis' (box 3).

How much tax you pay therefore depends on the value of your assets and not on your actual income from crowdfunding or other investments. This means that you must report the outstanding balance in your income tax return (loans provided). Just as you do with your bank account balance. Interest does not have to be declared unless it is credited to the bank balance.

Up-to-date information (2022) on how to calculate the taxation of your income from assets can be found on the Tax Office website.

Are you a business investor? For entrepreneurs acting as part of their business, the amount invested constitutes a (loan capital) receivable to be put on the balance sheet. The interest received is part of the result of the business and the one-off intermediation costs (if applicable) are deductible here. For IB entrepreneurs, the profit is taxed in box 1 and for incorporated companies, such as a private limited company, corporate income tax is levied on it.

Do you have specific substantive questions? If so, we advise you to contact the Tax Office and/or your tax advisor.